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One of our values at First Christian Church is to think like everyday missionaries. As everyday missionaries, we believe every Christ follower can be used by God to play a part in leading someone else to Jesus. But, how do we do that/ Through the One Life series, we will explore why we are to be spiritual influencers and how to influence others in our everyday lives. We hope to unleash a church of everyday missionaries who feel compelled, empowered and equipped to be used by God to lead people to Jesus!


Use these resources to help you with your One Life. You can find all materials that have been presented on Sunday mornings, the study guide, and more. Questions? Contact Tyler Tolbert, Outreach & Discipleship Minister here or at 812.379.4491.

Watch the Atheism vs. Christianity Debate from Willow Creek - March, 2012. 

One Life Study Guide - you can pick up a copy at the Information Center or download now.

One Life Journal - you can pick one up during training or download now.

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One Life Sermon Series

Sunday messages will be posted by Tuesday mornings