You can make a difference for other people in the Columbus community. It's as simple as sharing what you like about First Christian Church. It only takes a few minutes and could bring someone new to our church or to Christ by sharing your story. Sharing your story is a great way to reach others - someone can relate to your story. Please take a few minutes to leave a review about our church on Google and Facebook.

Use this link to leave a Google review. Leave a review on Facebook here.

  • Review Pointers

    Not sure what to write in a review or how it will impact others? Check out these simple pointers:

    • Write about what really stands out to you about the church - why you came and why you continue to attend
    • Make it personal. Share part of your story. This is a simple and easy way to give a small testimony, but keep it brief and upbeat. 
    • Don't use 'churchy' words. Use words that all will understand and can relate to.
    • Make it fun! Emojis are great!
    • Write like you are talking to someone about visiting our church who has never been here or been to church before.
    • We LOVE 5 stars! People are reviewing everything and looking at the reviews before attending something or purchasing something. The more 5 star reviews we have the more likely someone will attend based on reviews. 
    • Don't worry about making it perfect - there is only one perfect person, Jesus, so don't worry about the imperfections.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to help FCC grow.