Church camp is a life-changing experience!

We hope every child is able to attend camp this summer!


We are blessed to partner with two amazing camps - Hilltop Christian Camp and Camp Allendale.

See below for registration details and links to camp dates.


The FCC missions team wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend summer camp by paying for 50% of the early bird registration fees for every FCC camper. In order to take advantage of this fee assistance you need to complete a form for Hilltop or Allendale to receive the camp code.



Space is Limited, Register Today!


This is what the Lord says - "You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14



The summer theme serves as a central teaching point and is carried throughout everything we sing, say, and do during camp sessions!


Camp happens in a natural learning environment – God provides it and it is amazing! The advantage of a natural learning environment is that it makes a connection with youth — one that sparks a desire to learn, explore, and find answers. We want to help campers discover that they can find the answers they are looking for in God’s Word!


Campers learn attributes that will help them beyond camp and this summer – spiritual growth, lasting friendships, self-esteem and confidence. Many times, summer camp is the place where God leads children to have ‘lightbulb’ moments about concepts parents and church leaders have been teaching them all year. These spiritual moments can become faith markers they will look back to for the rest of their lives.


Camp Fees

     *  Grades K-1 ~ Wilderness Camp & Day Camps - $45-60

     * Grades 2-3 ~ Ice Breaker Camps - $120-180

     * Grades 3-5 ~ Junior Camps - $230-290

     * Grades 6-8 ~ Jr High Camps - $230-290 | Theater Camp - $230-290 | Paintball Camp - $170-230

     * Grades 8-12 ~ HS Camps - $230-290 | Theater Camp - $230-290 | Paintball Camp - $170-230 | HS Girls Leaders in Training - $230-290


Registration is OPEN!


Call 812.988.4991 if you have any trouble registering online.


2024 Camp Theme - We Are Valued ~ "...for God bought you with a high price..." 1 Corinthians 6:20


We offer summer camps for students of all ages. Each event is specially designed to help young people connect with God in His Creation through worship, study, and adventure guided by skilled and caring adults. 


Camps & Fees

     * Classic Camp (Grades 7-12) - $440

     * Paintball Camp (Grades 7-12) - $490

     * Treehouse Camp (Grades 7-12) - $440

     * Mission Allendale (Grades 9-12) - $295

     * Grades 3-6 - $418

     * Overnight Camp (Grade 2) - $88

     * Day Camp (Grade 1) - $45


FCC Partner week is June 16-21


Registration begins February 21


If you are unable to register online, contact the office at 317-878-4400 for additional options.

If you have any questions, contact Kate C. or Kendall